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Average Battery Life of an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

Average Battery Life of an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

Average Battery Life of an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

How Long Does the Battery Life of a Vaporizer Last, On Average?

Average Battery Life of an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

The main variable to consider when answering this particular question comes down to the battery's manufacturer; different manufacturers focus on different quality levels and e-cig battery sizes. With that being said, most 900 mAh batteries are good for roughly 800 puffs, 650 mAh batteries for 400 puffs, and 1100 mAh batteries for 1,000 puffs. Once again, those numbers are general estimations that can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as much as from user to user. 


What Affects Battery Life?

Several factors modify battery life, including amperage, the model of your clearomizer / cartomizer / tank, the size of the battery, and the battery's manufacturer. For example, the iTaste VV3.0 battery is engineered for charging 250-300 times and can last up to two days on a full charge; with these variables, a user can expect up to two years of service from the 800 mAh battery. These durations scale with the size of the battery; larger batteries will stay functional for a longer period of time, while smaller batteries will die out sooner than that period.


Average Battery Life of an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

Both where you store your battery, as well as the temperatures you wind up using it at make a difference as well. High storage temperatures, especially for extended periods of time, have a noticeable effect on the level of charge that a battery can hold and store, which results in a reduction of battery life and diminished electronic cigarette performance. Similarly, storing a fully charged battery will also shorten its life. In short, high storage temperatures and prolonged storage with a full charge add additional stress to the battery's energy cells and will diminish its functionality.


Tips for Prolonging Battery Life

The best way to prolong your battery's life is to make sure that your vaporizer is powered OFF whenever it's not being used. While some models possess an auto-kill feature, these features usually don't kick in until 10-20 minutes pass, so it's still best to remember to switch it off manually. It can also help if your model has a charge indicator; if you can tell that your battery is roughly 50% charged and that's enough time to last another day, you can hold off on charging it. This means less time with the battery fully charged, which extends its battery life. Don't store your vaporizer  battery in hot areas. Cool area, with around a 40% charge, is the best places and state to store your battery. If your particular model lacks a charge gauge, just continue to store it in cool areas.

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