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Titanium 35ft 26ga Vaporwire

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Titanium 35ft 26ga Vaporwire Overview

Titanium is rapidly becoming a must-have wire for coil builders all around the world. Exclusively used for temperature control devices, Titanium has effectively made dry hits a thing of the past. Unlike Ni200 wire, Titanium coils can be wrapped closer together to allow for a tighter fit; this allows for a greater ease when re-wicking and less of a chance you'll have to rebuild the entire coil. Our Titanium wire is 26g / 35 feet in length and is conveniently wrapped on a travel sized spool for maximum coil building ease.


Titanium 35ft 26ga Vaporwire Features

  • 100% Titanium Wire
  • 35 Feet Spool
  • 26 Gauge

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