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  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO Pro C Kit

Joyetech eGo AIO Pro C Kit

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Joyetech eGo AIO Pro C Kit Overview

Joyetech eGo AIO Pro C is an updated take on the original eGo AIO that offers a handful of improvements dedicated to making their innovative device even more user-friendly. The eGo AIO Pro C is larger than the previous model, with a total length from drip tip to the bottom of 145.5 mm and diameter of 22mm, though it still rests comfortably in hand. This new and improved AIO does not feature an internal battery like its predecessor, however, the eGo AIO Pro C is equipped with a Micro USB port that can be used for charging any external 18650 battery. The AIO Pro-C is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included) and enables the user to choose their very own battery to power the device, while also providing a fast and easy way to replace dead cells when on the go. The AIO Pro C features a child-resistant top cap that offers additional safety measures for families that have kids, a completely leak-proof cup-fill tank system that enables fast filling on the go, and an intuitive adjustable airflow system that allows for total airflow customization. The AIO Pro C kit comes complete with two coils, Micro USB cable for charging, and a secondary drip tip. The included spiral drip tip completely alleviates spit-back that may happen as a result of built-up condensation inside the mouthpiece, while simultaneously cooling the vapor down as it swirls through the innovative corkscrew design. The AIO is well-known for its unique coil system and cup style tank, efficiently providing a leak-free system that is easy to clean and simple to maintain. As a result of the child-resistant locking top cap, force must be applied to the top cap before twisting the cap counterclockwise when filling the tank. Although this added precaution may inconvenience some users, the child-resistant locking top cap offers an entirely leak-free solution to the eGo AIO PRO C's cup-fill tank. The atomizer is attached directly to the top cap and allows the user to change coils without having to empty the tank of e-juice and potentially creating a mess. The eGo AIO's creative top-airflow system enables air to flow in straight through the side of the top cap and down through the outside of the coil. The air then is pushed through the center of the chimney and then out into the mouth. Joyetech includes a 0.6 ohm BF SS316 atomizer head that provides a nice restrictive draw for the vapers that prefer a Mouth-to-Lung vaping style. Also included with this kit is a replacement 0.5 ohm BF SS316 atomizer head that caters more to the Direct-to-Lung vaping style, offering a less restrictive, wide-open draw for maximum vapor production. Each BF coil head should be primed with five drops of e-liquid before filling the tank and vaping the device. Priming the coils before use is a surefire way to prevent accidental burning of the cotton due to a dry cotton wick. The five precautionary drops of e-juice will give the cotton wick a head-start on saturating the e-juice before the tank is filled, thus giving the cotton extra time to become saturated with e-juice completely. The side of the eGo AIO Pro C is labeled with a MAX FILL line to give the user a visual indicator as to when to stop filling the tank. If the e-juice exceeds the MAX FILL line, be sure to empty the excess e-liquid into its proper container before reattaching the top cap. The eGo AIO Pro C tank is constructed out of a durable Pyrex glass, providing a clear view of the inside of the tank and its current e-juice levels. The inside of the tank features a built-in customizable LED lighting system that offers a wide range of different colors to be altered at the users' discretion. The available LED colors are Red, Green, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink, and Blue. If you're looking for a sleek and subtle device that offers the benefit of using replaceable 18650 batteries and a leak-proof tank, Joytech's all-new eGo AIO Pro C could be the perfect device for you!


Joyetech eGo AIO Pro C Kit Features

  • Dimensions: 22 x 145.5mm (Including Drip Tip)
  • Tank Capacity: 4ml
  • Top Fill System
  • Top Airflow Control
  • Anti-Spitback
  • Backlit Color-Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo/White/Purple, can be turned off
  • Battery: 1 x 18650 (Not Included)
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Dual Circuit Protection
  • Over Charge/Over Current/Over Discharge Protection

Joyetech eGo AIO Pro C Kit Content

  • 1 x eGo AIO Pro C Vape Pen
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm BF SS316 DL Vape Coil
  • 1 x 0.6 ohm BF SS316 MTL Vape Coil
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Extra Drip Tip
  • 1 x User Manual


Additional Information:

Joyetech has delivered a true all-in-one device with the addition of their AIO Pro C kit. The AIO Pro C features a small and thin body with the potential for exemplary battery use when paired with a high yield, high-drain, 18650 cell. Joyetech improved on the original design, taking the AIO to a new place with added features not normally found on “Pen Style” personal vaporizers. Joyetech’s AIO Proc C includes: The AIO Pro C, BF SS316 0.6 ohm, BF SS316 0.5 ohm, Micro USB cable, Quickstart guide, Extra drip tip, and a Limited Warranty Card. The AIO Pro C does not come with a battery, so a single 18650 cell will need to be installed before use. Unlike the original AIO, this external battery function provides the ability to quickly change out a dead battery for a fully charged cell in just seconds. The first step to change the battery is to unscrew the bottom cap of the device and insert the battery into the tube, positive side up, and screw the cap back onto the bottom. The AIO Pro features a Micro USB charging port for those who don’t want to carry an extra battery with them at all times, providing on-the-go charging and the ability to be vaped while the device is charging. Joyetech also features a host of built-in safety functions, including: Overcharge Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, and Over-current Protection. The AIO Pro C measures 145.5mm from drip tip to bottom and is just a modest 22mm wide- slightly larger than the original AIO, while weighing nearly the exact same. Joyetech features the AIO Pro in a variety of colors: Silver, Black, White, Red, Blue, and Orange. The AIO Pro C provides a built-in-tank with front-facing window constructed out of sturdy Pyrex Glass and features a “Max Fill” line engraved into the body to prevent overfill. The tank has a maximum fill capacity of 4mL, which holds more than enough e-juice to last throughout the day depending on how often you vape. The unique cup-fill style design of the tank promotes intuitive, easy filling and a solid leak-proof setup that can be used in any vape setting. Joyetech’s AIO Pro C is also designed with a top airflow construction that helps alleviate spit-back, while providing a highly customizable airflow control system that can be restrictive or opened up completely for deep lung draws, according to the users exact vaping preferences. The AIO Pro C features the same drip tip as the previous models, and includes the same popular spiral mouthpiece design that can be used as an extra preventative measure against spit back while providing a consistent draw during those longer puffs. The AIO Pro-C can be turned on and off with five rapid clicks of the firing button; once powered on, a backing LED light behind the fire button will flash to show that the device is powered on or off. The LED backing light also flashes to let you know when it’s time to change the coil, charge the batteries, and when the device is fully charged. In addition to the LED behind the firing button, the AIO Pro C houses an LED inside of the tank. This internal LED can be customized to display one of seven different color options, and can even be turned off completely if desired. To change the color of the internal LED, simply power the AIO Pro C off by quickly pressing the firing button five times. Once the device is powered off, hold down the firing button until the light inside the tank begins to emit a steady glowing light. Once the light inside is glowing, press the firing button to cycle through the available Red, Green, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink, and Blue colors. Once you’ve chosen the color you’d like to use, simply wait a few seconds without pushing the fire button and the device will go back to a powered off state with the color you selected. The Joyetech AIO Pro C includes two unique coils that have been specifically designed for both MTL and DTL vaping styles. The 0.5 ohm BF SS316 was designed for Direct Lung hits and favors an overly airy draw with minimal restrictions. This coil offers dense vapor production and is more on par with a traditional sub-ohm setup. The BF 0.6 ohm BF SS316 caters to the cigalike Mouth-to-Lung crowd who enjoy a more restricted and tighter draw with much less airflow. This coil produces a more flavorful vape and is closer to what one would expect from the traditional eGo-style kits. The coils must be primed before use by inserting 5 drops of e-juice into the atomizer. Before using either one of these coils, be sure to prime the coil with five drops of e-juice directly onto the exposed areas of cotton inside the atomizer head. Once the coil is successfully primed, you can then thread the coil onto the top cap and reattach the top cap onto the tank. When filling the eGo AIO Pro C tank with e-juice, make sure to only fill to the MAX FILL line before reattaching the top cap. If the e-liquid is above the MAX FILL line in the tank, e-juice will leak out of the tank when reattaching the top cap. If you’ve accidentally put too much e-juice inside the tank, simply pour the e-juice back into the bottle and try filling the tank again. Now that the coil is primed and the tank is full of e-juice, you should take a few dry pulls to ensure the atomizer head has been completely saturated with e-juice. To take a dry pull, simply puff on the eGo AIO Pro C like you would normally take a vape, without actually pressing down on the fire button. This method of pulling e-juice into the atomizer head is super effective at saturating the entire coil head with e-liquid, and will help prevent getting a nasty dry hit which could potentially burn the cotton and ruin the coil. Packed with a multitude of features in a surprisingly small device, the Joyetech AIO Pro C is a large upgrade from the original device. With the high juice capacity, multiple coil options, and leak-proof tank, the AIO Pro C kit is a suitable kit for any vape situation and is sure to be a fan-favorite for both novice vapers and veteran vapers alike!



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