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  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO PRO Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO PRO Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO PRO Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO PRO Kit
  • Vape Kits - Joyetech EGo AIO PRO Kit
Joyetech eGo AIO PRO Kit Video

Joyetech eGo AIO PRO Kit

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Joyetech eGo AIO Pro Kit Overview

Joytech is back once again with an all-new update to their ever popular AIO All-In-One device. The Joytech AIO Pro Kit features major performance updates and quality of life improvements to the consumer-friendly Pen Style vape. The AIO Pro’s size has increased slightly in the new iteration, coming in at 141 mm in length and 22mm in diameter. When compared to Joyetech's original AIO device, the AIO Pro measures 23mm longer and 3mm wider than the former, although the AIO Pro remains as one of the smaller devices on the eGo market. Ensuring that the AIO Pro remains a prime contender in the ever expanding world of mods and devices, Joytech has made sure to pack this sleek and compact All-In-One unit with as many upgrades as possible. Battery life, always on the mind of every vaper, has seen a massive boost to 2300mAh (from the previous 1500mAh capacity on their standard AIO pen), and with its broad range of built-in protective features, the Joytech AIO Pro is sure to provide peak performance in every puff.

The built-in cup-style tank features a leakproof design, coupled with the sub-ohm 316 Stainless Steel coils and enhanced airflow system; the AIO Pro is user-friendly and fully customizable for all styles of vaping. Joyetech includes a BF SS316 0.6 ohm atomizer head that caters mainly to the Mouth-to-Lung vaping style, and a replacement BF SS316 0.5 ohm coil head that promotes a wide, airy draw and is ideal for Direct Lung hits. Filling the eGo AIO Pro and changing the coils has never been easier; to fill the AIO Pro tank, push down on the top cap and begin turning it counter-clockwise. With the top cap removed, prime the coil by applying 5 drops of e-juice directly onto the exposed areas of cotton in the atomizer head. Priming the coil will help prevent you from accidentally getting a harsh hit and potentially ruining your coil. Once the AIO Pro coil has been primed and threaded onto the top cap, it’s time to fill the tank. When filling Joyetech’s AIO Pro tank, be cautious to fill the tank up to the MAX FILL line that’s written on the side of the glass window. Overfilling the tank will lead to spillage when replacing the top cap and threading it back onto the device. Once the tank is full, thread the top cap back onto the device and begin tightening it, spinning in a clockwise motion until it sits snugly on top of the AIO Pro. Joyetech’s AIO Pro is equipped with an adjustable airflow control collar that’s constructed directly into the top cap. By rotating the airflow control collar clockwise or counter clockwise, the user can fine-tune their vaping experience by restricting/opening the airflow channels. Joyetech reiterates the same innovative corkscrew mouthpiece design from the original AIO, supporting a spiral structure that alleviates spit back from the excess condensation that may build up in the mouthpiece.

Five clicks of the fire button will power the device ON. In a powered ON state, holding down the fire button will cause the brightly lit Status LED to illuminate. The beautiful LED shines one of seven customizable colors to let the user know when the device is firing. To change the color that displays inside the tank, make sure the device is in a powered OFF state. With the device powered off, hold the fire button down for five seconds. Once the LED inside the tank glows a solid color, push the fire button to cycle between Joyetech’s myriad of color options.

Joyetech eGo AIO Pro Kit Features

  • Dimensions: 22 x 141mm (Including Drip Tip)
  • Tank Capacity: 4ml
  • Top Fill System
  • Top Airflow Control
  • Anti-Spitback
  • Backlit Color-Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo/White/Purple, can be turned off
  • Battery: 2300 mAh Internal Cell
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Dual Circuit Protection
  • Over Charge/Over Current/Over Discharge Protection

Joyetech eGo AIO Pro Kit Content

  • 1 x eGo AIO Pro Battery 2300 mAh
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm BF SS316 DL Vape Coil
  • 1 x 0.6 ohm BF SS316 MTL Vape Coil
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Extra Drip Tip
  • 1 x User Manual

Additional Information:

Joyetech was one of the first to put an All-In-One starter kit onto the market, and with the current set of improvements to the AIO Pro, they are right back at the front of the industry. The AIO Pro features a slim and slender design that slides right into your pocket, making this device privy to those always on the go.

Joyetech has included everything, save for a bottle of e-juice, inside this kit. Inside the box Joyetech includes: Replacement BF SS316 0.6 ohm coil and a replacement BF SS316 0.5ohm coil, Micro USB charging cable, Quickstart guide, extra drip tip, and a limited warranty card. Although the AIO Pro battery is small in stature, the included internal battery provides outstanding battery life that’s comparable to many leading vape manufacturers. Joyetech’s AIO Pro also features a child-resistant top cap that promotes several implemented safety features to increase the overall safety of the device. The internal battery supports a 2300mAh charge and features a Micro-USB port located on the bottom of the device for easy access and fast on-the-go charging. The sleek and portable eGo AIO Pro measures at 22mm x 141mm, lending its small frame to comfortable pocket-sized travels for the ultimate convenience. Customization is key, which is why Joyetech is providing the AIO Pro in an array of colors: Silver, Black, White, Red, Blue, and Orange. Joyetech’s AIO can be further customized by the LED light featured inside of the tank. The cup-fill design lends to a leak-free tank on top and has a max-fill capacity of 4mL of e-juice, ensuring the AIO Pro will last during those long trips away from home. The AIO Pro features a Pyrex glass tank that’s simple and easy to clean by wiping or rinsing out the tank. The status LED placed inside the firing button acts as a charge-light indicator and will flash multiple times when the device needs to be charged. Complementary to the device is a LED light located inside the tank, which illuminates simultaneously with the fire button as the fire button is pressed. The bright light inside the AIO Pro emanates seven different colors: Red, Green, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink, and Blue, while also featuring a “no light” function which enables the device to be used with no backlight. If you want to change the color of the LED inside the tank, first, power the device off by clicking the button five times rapidly. Next, hold down the firing button until the LED inside the tank begins to glow a solid color. Once a stable, solid light is glowing, the color of the LED can be cycled through the various color options by pressing the fire button. Once you’ve found the color that you’d like to use, simply wait for a few seconds until the colorful LED powers off and your new color will be set. The AIO Pro eGo Battery is equipped with advanced safety features such as over-charge, over-current, and over discharge protection, providing a safer and overall stress-free vaping experience. The child-resistant top cap has received a few updates from the original AIO, now offering expanded airflow via the significantly larger airflow adjustment ring. Joyetech includes their well-known corkscrew drip-tip, swirling the vapor as it exits the tank to minimize the amount of spit back and condensation that occurs from each vape. The corkscrew design allows the AIO Pro to enable longer puffs and deeper draws without getting juice popping into the user’s mouth, while also preventing condensation from forming and e-juice pooling down into the coil. The new adjustable airflow ring is located below the top of the cap and houses two rows of five vertical inlets; each airflow inlet can be closed off completely or remain wide-open to customize how airy or how restricted the draw on the AIO Pro is. Joyetech has produced multiple coil heads for this device, ensuring that the AIO caters to virtually all preferred styles of vaping. The BF SS316 0.6ohm coil has been designed for Mouth-to-Lung hits, and works best when used with a restricted airflow setting. This MTL coil was obsessively engineered in order to produce significantly greater flavor at the cost of vapor production. The AIO also features a BF SS316 0.5ohm coil that’s been designed for Direct Lung hits and is best used with a wide open airflow setting that provides more vapor at cost of flavor production. The Joyetech AIO Pro is designed to produce a consistent vape and worry free tank with a long lasting battery that’ll make it throughout the day. Joyetech highly recommends the priming of each coil before use to ensure a delightful vaping experience. First, insert 4-5 drops of e-juice directly into the top of the atomizer. Next, attach the atomizer directly to the top-cap and then begin threading it into the AIO Pro. This unique cup-fill style filling system provides a fast and easy alternative to traditional atomizer heads when swapping out old coils, leaving your e-juice completely unaffected when changing out coils. After priming the coil and attaching it to the top cap, let the coil rest for a few minutes before taking your first draw. Waiting a few minutes will ensure that your coil is ready for use without any risk of accidentally burning the cotton or getting a potentially dry and burnt vape. The leak-proof tank and its many coil designs, combined with the long lasting battery life of the AIO Pro make this all-in-one starter kit an attractive goto option for anyone that’s looking to start vaping! If you’re looking for a small and pocket-friendly device, Joyetech’s eGo AIO Pro will not disappoint!

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